Herdabilidade de Tra├žos

Heritability of some selected behavioral traits (from R. Plomin et al 1997)          
    (proportion of observed variation due to genes)      
    low < .2, med = .2-.4, high>.4      
Trait   heritability      
IQ   high      
  creativity med      
  social studies med      
  natural science med      
  English high      
  Math high      
  reading disability high      
  disorders high      
  dimentia high      
  attention deficit high      
Personality disorders          
  schizophrenia high      
  mood disorders high      
  anxiety disorders med      
  social phobia med      
  anorexic disorder high      
  twitching high      
  extraversion (shy-outgoing) high      
  nueroticism (moody-relaxed) high      
  agreeableness (likeable-contrary) low      
  concientiousness (conform-non conform) med      
  culture (openess to new ) med      
  self esteem med-low      
  attachment / empathy med-low      
  anti-social behavior med      
  adult criminality med      
  political conservatism high      
  vocational interest high      
  homosexuality (male) high      
  character of romantic relationship 0      
  divorce high      
  attitudes toward promiscuity high      

Last Updated on 9/1/99
By Kim Hill