Index of ITU-T Recommendations on CD-ROM

December 1998 - Published English edition

Series E - Overall network operation, telephone service, service operation and human factors

File Size Date Recommendation title
E0100E.ZIP 24KB 11/88 E.100 - Definitions of terms used in international telephone operation
E0104E.ZIP 23KB 02/95 E.104 - International telephone directory assistance service and public access
E0105E.ZIP 37KB 08/92 E.105 - International telephone service
E0109E.ZIP 28KB 02/95 E.109 - International billed number screening procedures for collect and third-party calling
E0110E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 E.110 - Organization of the international telephone network
E0111E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 E.111 - Extension of international telephone services
E0112E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 E.112 - Arrangements to be made for controlling the telephone services between two countries
E0113E.ZIP 34KB 05/97 E.113 - Validation procedures for the international telecommunications charge card service
E0114E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 E.114 - Supply of lists of subscribers (directories and other means)
E0115E.ZIP 50KB 02/95 E.115 - Computerized directory assistance
E0116E.ZIP 70KB 05/97 E.116 - International telecommunication charge card service
E0117E.ZIP 22KB 06/94 E.117 - Terminal devices used in connection with the public telephone service (other than telephones)
E0118E.ZIP 35KB 07/96 E.118 - The international telecommunication charge card
E0120E.ZIP 28KB 11/88 E.120 - Instructions for users of the international telephone service
E0121E.ZIP 170KB 07/96 E.121 - Pictograms, symbols and icons to assist users of the telephone service
E0122E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 E.122 - Measures to reduce customer difficulties in the international telephone service
E0123E.ZIP 39KB 11/88 E.123 - Notation for national and international telephone numbers
E0124E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 E.124 - Discouragement of frivolous international calling to unassigned or vacant numbers answered by recorded announcements without charge
E0125E.ZIP 446KB 10/84 E.125 - Inquiries among users of the international telephone service
E0126E.ZIP 84KB 11/88 E.126 - Harmonization of the general information pages of the telephone directories published by administrations
E0127E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 E.127 - Pages in the telephone directory intended for foreign visitors
E0128E.ZIP 30KB 11/88 E.128 - Leaflet to be distributed to foreign visitors
E0130E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 E.130 - Choice of the most useful and desirable supplementary telephone services
E0131E.ZIP 29KB 11/88 E.131 - Subscriber control procedures for supplementary telephone services
E0132E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 E.132 - Standardization of elements of control procedures for supplementary telephone services
E0133E.ZIP 58KB 11/88 E.133 - Operating procedures for cardphones
E0134E.ZIP 34KB 03/93 E.134 - Human factors aspects of public terminals: generic operating procedures
E0135E.ZIP 40KB 10/95 E.135 - Human factors aspects of public telecommunication terminals for people with disabilities
E0136E.ZIP 36KB 05/97 E.136 - Specification of a tactile identifier for use with telecommunication cards
E0137E.ZIP 69KB 05/97 E.137 - User instructions for payphones
E0140E.ZIP 35KB 08/92 E.140 - Operator-assisted telephone service
E0148E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 E.148 - Routing of traffic by automatic transit exchanges
E0149E.ZIP 25KB 11/88 E.149 - Presentation of routing data
E0151E.ZIP 33KB 08/92 E.151 - Telephone conference calls
E0152E.ZIP 47KB 07/96 E.152 - International freephone service
E0153E.ZIP 35KB 10/96 E.153 - Home country direct
E0154E.ZIP 55KB 03/98 E.154 - International shared cost service
E0155E.ZIP 52KB 03/98 E.155 - International premium rate service
E0161E.ZIP 42KB 05/95 E.161 - Arrangement of digits, letters and symbols on telephones and other devices that can be used for gaining access to a telephone network
E0162E.ZIP 21KB 04/95 E.162 - Capability for seven digit analysis of international E.164 numbers at time T
E0164E.ZIP 57KB 03/98 E.164 - Alternatives for carrier selection and network identification
E0164s1E.ZIP 133KB X E0164s1 - Title not available.
E0164_1E.ZIP 54KB 03/98 E.164.1 - Criteria and procedures for the reservation, assignment, and reclamation of E.164 country codes and associated Identification Codes (ICs)
E0165E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 E.165 - Timetable for coordinated implementation of the full capability of the numbering plan for the ISDN era (Recommendation E.164)
E0165_1E.ZIP 26KB 10/96 E.165.1 - Use of escape code "0" within the E.164 numbering plan during the transition period to implementation of NPI mechanism
E0166E.ZIP 189KB 03/98 E.166/X.122 - Numbering plan interworking for the E.164 and X.121 numbering plans
E0167E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 E.167 - ISDN network identification codes
E0168E.ZIP 30KB 03/93 E.168 - Application of E.164 numbering plan for UPT
E0169E.ZIP 61KB 02/96 E.169 - Application of E.164 numbering plan for universal international freephone numbers for international freephone service
E0170E.ZIP 47KB 10/92 E.170 - Traffic routing
E0171E.ZIP 127KB 11/88 E.171 - International telephone routing plan
E0172E.ZIP 58KB 10/92 E.172 - ISDN routing plan
E0173E.ZIP 123KB 08/91 E.173 - Routing plan for interconnection between public land mobile networks and fixed terminal networks
E0174E.ZIP 89KB 04/95 E.174 - Routing principles and guidance for Universal Personal Telecommunications (UPT)
E0175E.ZIP 41KB 11/88 E.175 - Models for international network planning
E0177E.ZIP 88KB 10/96 E.177 - B-ISDN routing
E0180E.ZIP 44KB X E0180 - Title not available.
E0180s2E.ZIP 52KB X E0180s2 - Title not available.
E0181E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 E.181 - Customer recognition of foreign tones
E0182E.ZIP 35KB 03/98 E.182 - Application of tones and recorded announcements in telephone services
E0183E.ZIP 29KB 03/98 E.183 - Guiding principles for telephone announcements
E0184E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 E.184 - Indications to users of ISDN terminals
E0190E.ZIP 31KB 05/97 E.190 - Principles and responsabilities for the management, assignment and reclamation of E Series international numbering resources
E0191E.ZIP 73KB 10/96 E.191 - B-ISDN numbering and addressing
E0201E.ZIP 35KB 08/91 E.201 - Reference recommendation for mobile services
E0202E.ZIP 40KB 10/92 E.202 - Network operational principles for future public mobile systems and services
E0210E.ZIP 25KB 11/88 E.210 - Ship station identification for VHF/UHF and maritime mobile-satellite services
E0211E.ZIP 25KB 11/88 E.211 - Selection procedures for VHF/UHF maritime mobile services
E0212E.ZIP 33KB 11/88 E.212 - Identification plan for land mobile stations
E0213E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 E.213 - Telephone and ISDN numbering plan for land mobile stations in public land mobile networks (PLMN)
E0214E.ZIP 41KB 11/88 E.214 - Structure of the land mobile global title for the signalling connection control part (SCCP)
E0215E.ZIP 40KB 05/97 E.215 - Telephone/ISDN numbering plan for the mobile-satellite services of Inmarsat
E0220E.ZIP 29KB 02/96 E.220 - Interconnection of public land mobile networks (PLMN)
E0230E.ZIP 32KB 08/92 E.230 - Chargeable duration of calls
E0231E.ZIP 2KB 06/92 E.231 - Charging in automatic service for calls terminating on a recorded announcement stating the reason for the call not being completed
E0232E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 E.232 - Charging for calls to subscriber's station connected either to the absent subscriber's service or to a device substituting a subscriber in his absence
E0250E.ZIP 2KB X E0250 - Title not available.
E0251E.ZIP 2KB X E0251 - Title not available.
E0252E.ZIP 2KB X E0252 - Title not available.
E0260E.ZIP 47KB 11/88 E.260 - Basic technical problems concerning the measurement and recording of call durations
E0261E.ZIP 31KB 11/88 E.261 - Devices for measuring and recording call durations
E0270E.ZIP 2KB X E0270 - Title not available.
E0275E.ZIP 2KB X E0275 - Title not available.
E0276E.ZIP 2KB X E0276 - Title not available.
E0277E.ZIP 2KB X E0277 - Title not available.
E0300E.ZIP 23KB 11/88 E.300 - Special uses of circuits normally employed for automatic telephone traffic
E0301E.ZIP 92KB 03/93 E.301 - Impact of non-voice applications on the telephone network
E0320E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 E.320 - Speeding up the establishment and clearing of phototelegraph calls
E0323E.ZIP 2KB 11/88 E.323 - Rules for phototelegraph communications set up over circuits normally used for telephone traffic
E0330E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 E.330 - User control of ISDN-supported services
E0331E.ZIP 58KB 10/91 E.331 - Minimum user-terminal interface for a human user entering address information into an ISDN terminal
E0333E.ZIP 2KB 11/88 E.333 - Man-machine interaction
E0401E.ZIP 23KB 11/88 E.401 - Statistics for the international telephone service (number of circuits in operation and volume of traffic)
E0410E.ZIP 33KB 03/98 E.410 - International network management General information
E0411E.ZIP 66KB 03/98 E.411 - International network management Operational guidance
E0412E.ZIP 67KB 03/98 E.412 - Network management controls
E0413E.ZIP 27KB 11/88 E.413 - International network management Planning
E0414E.ZIP 23KB 11/88 E.414 - International network management Organization
E0415E.ZIP 36KB 08/91 E.415 - International network management guidance for common channel signalling system No. 7
E0420E.ZIP 129KB 11/88 E.420 - Checking the quality of the international telephone service General considerations
E0421E.ZIP 26KB 11/88 E.421 - Service quality observations on a statistical basis
E0422E.ZIP 36KB 02/96 E.422 - Observations on international outgoing telephone calls for quality of service
E0423E.ZIP 26KB 11/88 E.423 - Observations on traffic set up by operators
E0424E.ZIP 34KB 10/92 E.424 - Test calls
E0425E.ZIP 36KB 10/92 E.425 - Internal automatic observations
E0426E.ZIP 32KB 10/92 E.426 - General guide to the percentage of effective attempts which should be observed for international telephone calls
E0427E.ZIP 25KB 11/88 E.427 - Collection and statistical analysis of special quality of service observation data for measurements of customer difficulties in the international automatic service
E0428E.ZIP 33KB 10/92 E.428 - Connection retention
E0430E.ZIP 33KB 06/92 E.430 - Quality of service framework
E0431E.ZIP 34KB 06/92 E.431 - Service quality assessment for connection set-up and release delays
E0432E.ZIP 44KB 06/92 E.432 - Connection quality
E0433E.ZIP 34KB 06/92 E.433 - Billing integrity
E0434E.ZIP 41KB 06/92 E.434 - Subscriber-to-subscriber measurement of the public switched telephone network
E0436E.ZIP 30KB 03/98 E.436 - Customer Affecting Incidents and blocking Defects Per Million
E0440E.ZIP 23KB 02/96 E.440 - Customer satisfaction point
E0450E.ZIP 40KB 03/98 E.450 - Facsimile quality of service on public networks General aspects
E0451E.ZIP 25KB 03/93 E.451 - Facsimile call cut-off performance
E0452E.ZIP 25KB 03/93 E.452 - Facsimile modem speed reductions and transaction time
E0453E.ZIP 27KB 08/94 E.453 - Facsimile image quality as corrupted by transmission-induced scan line errors
E0454E.ZIP 37KB 10/96 E.454 - Transmission performance metrics based on Error Correction Mode (ECM) facsimile
E0456E.ZIP 26KB 03/98 E.456 - Test transaction for facsimile transmission performance
E0457E.ZIP 35KB 02/96 E.457 - Facsimile measurement methodologies
E0458E.ZIP 24KB 02/96 E.458 - Figure of merit for facsimile transmission performance
E0459E.ZIP 37KB 03/98 E.459 - Measurements and metrics for characterizing facsimile transmission performance using non-intrusive techniques
E0490E.ZIP 41KB 06/92 E.490 - Traffic measurement and evaluation General survey
E0491E.ZIP 31KB 05/97 E.491 - Traffic measurement by destination
E0492E.ZIP 34KB 02/96 E.492 - Traffic reference period
E0493E.ZIP 71KB 02/96 E.493 - Grade of service (GOS) monitoring
E0500E.ZIP 62KB 06/92 E.500 - Traffic intensity measurement principles
E0501E.ZIP 77KB 05/97 E.501 - Estimation of traffic offered in the network
E0502E.ZIP 77KB 06/92 E.502 - Traffic measurement requirements for digital telecommunication exchanges
E0503E.ZIP 46KB 06/92 E.503 - Traffic measurement data analysis
E0504E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 E.504 - Traffic measurement administration
E0505E.ZIP 47KB 06/92 E.505 - Measurements of the performance of common channel signalling network
E0506E.ZIP 56KB 06/92 E.506 - Forecasting international traffic
E0507E.ZIP 105KB 11/88 E.507 - Models for forecasting international traffic
E0508E.ZIP 83KB 10/92 E.508 - Forecasting new telecommunication services
E0510E.ZIP 23KB 10/45 E.510 - Determination of the number of circuits in manual operation
E0520E.ZIP 23KB 11/88 E.520 - Number of circuits to be provided in automatic and/or semiautomatic operation, without overflow facilities
E0521E.ZIP 71KB 11/88 E.521 - Calculation of the number of circuits in a group carrying overflow traffic
E0522E.ZIP 50KB 11/88 E.522 - Number of circuits in a high-usage group
E0523E.ZIP 167KB 11/88 E.523 - Standard traffic profiles for international traffic streams
E0524E.ZIP 59KB 06/92 E.524 - Overflow approximations for non-random inputs
E0525E.ZIP 49KB 06/92 E.525 - Designing networks to control grade of service
E0526E.ZIP 27KB 03/93 E.526 - Dimensioning a circuit group with multi-slot bearer services and no overflow inputs
E0527E.ZIP 27KB 04/95 E.527 - Dimensioning at a circuit group with multi-slot bearer services and overflow traffic
E0528E.ZIP 107KB 02/96 E.528 - Dimensioning of digital circuit multiplication equipment (DCME) systems
E0529E.ZIP 124KB 05/97 E.529 - Network dimensioning using end-to-end GOS objectives
E0540E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 E.540 - Overall grade of service of the international part of an international connection
E0541E.ZIP 48KB 11/88 E.541 - Overall grade of service for international connections (subscriber-to-subscriber)
E0543E.ZIP 25KB 11/88 E.543 - Grades of service in digital international telephone exchanges
E0550E.ZIP 41KB 03/93 E.550 - Grade-of-service and new performance criteria under failure conditions in international telephone exchanges
E0600E.ZIP 41KB 03/93 E.600 - Terms and definitions of traffic engineering
E0700E.ZIP 31KB 10/92 E.700 - Framework of the E.700-Series Recommendations
E0701E.ZIP 46KB 10/92 E.701 - Reference connections for traffic engineering
E0711E.ZIP 51KB 10/92 E.711 - User demand modelling
E0712E.ZIP 65KB 10/92 E.712 - User plane traffic modelling
E0713E.ZIP 144KB 10/92 E.713 - Control plane traffic modelling
E0716E.ZIP 46KB 10/96 E.716 - User demand modelling in Broadband-ISDN
E0720E.ZIP 35KB 11/88 E.720 - ISDN grade of service concept
E0721E.ZIP 35KB 08/91 E.721 - Network grade of service parameters and target values for circuit-switched services in the evolving ISDN
E0723E.ZIP 41KB 06/92 E.723 - Grade-of-service parameters for Signalling System No.7 networks
E0724E.ZIP 58KB 02/96 E.724 - GOS parameters and target GOS objectives for IN services
E0728E.ZIP 31KB 03/98 E.728 - Grade-of-service parameters for B-ISDN signalling
E0731E.ZIP 47KB 10/92 E.731 - Methods for dimensioning resources operating in circuit switced mode
E0733E.ZIP 34KB 02/96 E.733 - Methods for dimensioning resources in Signalling System No. 7 networks
E0734E.ZIP 277KB 10/96 E.734 - Methods for allocating and dimensioning Intelligent Network (IN) resources
E0735E.ZIP 152KB 05/97 E.735 - Framework for traffic control and dimensioning in B-ISDN
E0736E.ZIP 79KB 05/97 E.736 - Methods for cell level traffic control in B-ISDN
E0737E.ZIP 101KB 05/97 E.737 - Dimensioning methods for B-ISDN
E0743E.ZIP 23KB 04/95 E.743 - Traffic measurements for SS No. 7 dimensioning and planning
E0744E.ZIP 36KB 10/96 E.744 - Traffic and congestion control requirements for SS No. 7 and IN-structured networks
E0750E.ZIP 36KB 02/96 E.750 - Introduction to the E.750-series of Recommendations on traffic engineering aspects of networks supporting mobile and UPTservices
E0751E.ZIP 122KB 02/96 E.751 - Reference connections for traffic engineering of land mobile networks
E0752E.ZIP 254KB 10/96 E.752 - Reference connections for traffic engineering of maritime and aeronautical systems
E0755E.ZIP 61KB 02/96 E.755 - Reference connections for UPT traffic performance and GOS
E0770E.ZIP 45KB 03/93 E.770 - Land mobile and fixed network interconnection traffic grade of service concept
E0771E.ZIP 108KB 10/96 E.771 - Network grade of service parameters and target values for circuit-switched public land mobile services
E0773E.ZIP 49KB 10/96 E.773 - Maritime and aeronautical mobile grade of service concept
E0774E.ZIP 29KB 10/96 E.774 - Network grade of service parameters and target values for maritime and aeronautical mobile services
E0775E.ZIP 25KB 02/96 E.775 - UPT grade of service concept
E0776E.ZIP 73KB 10/96 E.776 - Network grade of service parameters for UPT
E0800E.ZIP 118KB 08/94 E.800 - Terms and definition related to quality of service and network performance including dependability
E0801E.ZIP 39KB 10/96 E.801 - Framework for service quality agreement
E0810E.ZIP 44KB 10/92 E.810 - Framework of the Recommendations on the serveability performance and service integrity for telecommunication services
E0820E.ZIP 111KB 10/92 E.820 - Call models for serveability and service integrity performance
E0830E.ZIP 37KB 10/92 E.830 - Models for the specification, evaluation and allocation of serveability and service integrity
E0845E.ZIP 54KB 11/88 E.845 - Connection accessibility objective for the international telephone service
E0846E.ZIP 37KB 03/93 E.846 - Accessibility for 64 kbit/s circuit switched international end-to-end ISDN connection types
E0850E.ZIP 45KB 10/92 E.850 - Connection retainability objective for the international telephone service
E0855E.ZIP 73KB 11/88 E.855 - Connection integrity objective for the international telephone service
E0862E.ZIP 49KB 06/92 E.862 - Dependability planning of telecommunication networks
E0880E.ZIP 27KB 11/88 E.880 - Field data collection and evaluation on the performance of equipment, networks and services

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