Index of ITU-T Recommendations on CD-ROM

December 1998 - Published English edition

Series F - Non-telephone telecommunication services

File Size Date Recommendation title
F0001E.ZIP 125KB 03/98 F.1 - Operational provisions for the international public telegram service
F0002E.ZIP 19KB 11/88 F.2 - Operational provisions for the collection of telegram charges
F0004E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 F.4 - Plain and secret language
F0010E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 F.10 - Character error rate objective for telegraph communication using 5-unit start-stop equipment
F0011E.ZIP 32KB 10/91 F.11 - Continued availability of traditional services
F0012E.ZIP 2KB 03/93 F.12 - Major degradation or disruption of service
F0014E.ZIP 33KB 08/92 F.14 - General provisions for one-stop-shopping arrangements
F0015E.ZIP 32KB 08/92 F.15 - Evaluating the success of new services
F0016E.ZIP 157KB 02/95 F.16 - Global virtual network service
F0017E.ZIP 32KB 08/92 F.17 - Operational aspects of service telecommunications
F0018E.ZIP 48KB 03/98 F.18 - Guidelines on harmonization of international public bureau services
F0020E.ZIP 28KB 11/88 F.20 - The international gentex service
F0021E.ZIP 24KB 11/88 F.21 - Composition of answer-back codes for the international gentex service
F0023E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 F.23 - Grade of service for long-distance international gentex circuits
F0024E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 F.24 - Average grade of service from country to country in the gentex service
F0030E.ZIP 24KB 03/93 F.30 - Use of various sequences of combinations for special purposes
F0031E.ZIP 57KB 11/88 F.31 - Telegram retransmission system
F0032E.ZIP 31KB 10/95 F.32 - Telegram destination indicators
F0035E.ZIP 28KB 11/88 F.35 - Provisions applying to the operation of an international public automatic message switching service for equipments utilizing the international telegraph Alphabet No. 2
F0040E.ZIP 40KB 03/91 F.40 - International public telemessage service
F0041E.ZIP 32KB 03/91 F.41 - Interworking between the telemessage service and the international public telegram service
F0059E.ZIP 45KB 10/96 F.59 - General characteristics of the international telex service
F0060E.ZIP 68KB 08/92 F.60 - Operational provisions for the international telex service
F0061E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 F.61 - Operational provisions relating to the chargeable duration of a telex call
F0063E.ZIP 22KB 03/93 F.63 - Additional facilities in the international telex service
F0064E.ZIP 38KB 11/88 F.64 - Determination of the number of international telex circuits required to carry a given volume of traffic
F0065E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 F.65 - Time-to-answer by operators at international telex positions
F0068E.ZIP 43KB 11/88 F.68 - Establishment of the automatic intercontinental telex network
F0069E.ZIP 32KB 06/94 F.69 - The international telex service Service and operational provisions of telex destination codes and telex network identification codes
F0070E.ZIP 25KB 11/88 F.70 - Evaluating the quality of the international telex service
F0071E.ZIP 23KB 11/88 F.71 - Interconnection of private teleprinter networks with the telex network
F0072E.ZIP 49KB 10/96 F.72 - The international telex service General principles and operational aspects of a store and forward facility
F0073E.ZIP 57KB 07/90 F.73 - Operational principles for communication between terminals of the international telex service and data terminal equipment on packet switched public data networks
F0074E.ZIP 33KB 08/92 F.74 - Intermediate storage devices accessed from the international telex service using single stage selection Answerback format
F0080E.ZIP 34KB 10/91 F.80 - Basic requirements for interworking relations between the international telex service and other services
F0082E.ZIP 32KB 10/91 F.82 - Operational provisions to permit interworking between the international telex service and the intex service
F0085E.ZIP 2KB 11/88 F.85 - Intercommunication between the IPM service and the telex service
F0086E.ZIP 44KB 10/91 F.86 - Interworking between the international telex service and the videotex service
F0087E.ZIP 68KB 03/91 F.87 - Operational principles for the transfer of messages from terminals on the telex network to Group 3 facsimile terminals connected to the public switched telephone network
F0089E.ZIP 35KB 08/92 F.89 - Status enquiry function in the international telex service
F0100E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 F.100 - Scheduled radiocommunication service
F0104E.ZIP 32KB 10/91 F.104 - International leased circuit services customer circuit designations
F0105E.ZIP 23KB 11/88 F.105 - Operational provisions for phototelegrams
F0106E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 F.106 - Operational provisions for private phototelegraph calls
F0107E.ZIP 24KB 11/88 F.107 - Rules for phototelegraph communications set up over circuits normally used for telephone traffic
F0108E.ZIP 54KB 11/88 F.108 - Operating rules for international phototelegraph calls to multiple destinations
F0110E.ZIP 42KB 07/96 F.110 - Operational provision for the maritime mobile service
F0111E.ZIP 32KB 03/91 F.111 - Principles of service for mobile systems
F0112E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 F.112 - Quality objectives for 50-baud start-stop telegraph transmission in the maritime mobile-satellite service
F0113E.ZIP 45KB 08/92 F.113 - Service provisions for aeronautical passenger communications supported by mobile-satellite systems
F0115E.ZIP 47KB 02/95 F.115 - Service objectives and principles for future public land mobile telecommunication systems
F0120E.ZIP 25KB 11/88 F.120 - Ship station identification for VHF/UHF and maritime mobile-satellite services
F0122E.ZIP 40KB 11/88 F.122 - Operational procedures for the maritime satellite data transmission service
F0125E.ZIP 30KB 08/93 F.125 - Numbering plan for access to the mobile-satellite services of INMARSAT from the international telex service
F0127E.ZIP 30KB 10/96 F.127 - Operational procedures for interworking between the international telex service and the service offered by the INMARSAT-C system
F0130E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 F.130 - Maritime answer-back codes
F0131E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 F.131 - Radiotelex service codes
F0140E.ZIP 39KB 03/93 F.140 - Point-to-multipoint telecommunication service via satellite
F0141E.ZIP 42KB 06/94 F.141 - International two-way multipoint telecommunication service via satellite
F0150E.ZIP 33KB 10/91 F.150 - Service and operational provision for the intex service
F0160E.ZIP 25KB 03/93 F.160 - General operational provisions for the international public facsimile services
F0162E.ZIP 40KB 07/96 F.162 - Service and operational requirements of store-and-forward facsimile service
F0163E.ZIP 37KB 07/96 F.163 - Operational requirements of the interconnection of facsimile store-and-forward units
F0166E.ZIP 26KB 07/96 F.166 - Service and operational requirements for a fax database service (FaxDB)
F0170E.ZIP 41KB 03/98 F.170 - Operational provisions for the international public facsimile service between public bureaux (Bureaufax)
F0171E.ZIP 23KB 11/88 F.171 - Operational provisions relating to the use of store-and-forward switching nodes within the bureaufax service
F0180E.ZIP 32KB 10/96 F.180 - General operational provisions for the international public facsimile service between subscribers' terminals (Telefax)
F0182-bE.ZIP 30KB 10/96 F.182 bis - Guidelines for the support of the communication of documents using Group 3 facsimile between user terminals via public networks
F0182E.ZIP 29KB 10/96 F.182 - Operational provisions for the international public facsimile service between subscribers with Group 3 facsimile terminals (Telefax 3)
F0184E.ZIP 35KB 07/96 F.184 - Operational provisions for the international public facsimile service between subscriber stations with group 4 facsimile terminals (telefax 4)
F0190E.ZIP 70KB 08/92 F.190 - Operational provisions for the international facsimile service between public bureaux and subscriber stations and vice versa (bureaufax-telefax and vice versa)
F0300E.ZIP 74KB 03/93 F.300 - Videotex service
F0301E.ZIP 23KB 10/95 F.301 - Fast speed PSTN videotex
F0350E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 F.350 - Application of Series T Recommendations
F0351E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 F.351 - General principles on the presentation of terminal identification to users of the telematic services
F0353E.ZIP 25KB 11/88 F.353 - Provision of telematic and data transmission services on integrated services digital network (ISDN)
F0400E.ZIP 290KB 07/96 F.400/X.400 - Message handling system and service overview
F0401E.ZIP 49KB 08/92 F.401 - Naming and addressing for public message handling services
F0410E.ZIP 59KB 08/92 F.410 - The public message transfer service
F0415E.ZIP 107KB 11/88 F.415 - Intercommunication with public physical delivery services
F0420E.ZIP 49KB 08/92 F.420 - The public interpersonal messaging service
F0421E.ZIP 66KB 11/88 F.421 - Intercommunication between the IPM service and the telex service
F0423E.ZIP 70KB 08/92 F.423 - Intercommunication between the interpersonal messaging service and the telefax service
F0435E.ZIP 197KB 03/91 F.435 - Electronic data interchange messaging service
F0440E.ZIP 75KB 08/92 F.440 - The voice messaging service
F0471E.ZIP 53KB 08/97 F.471 - Operational requirements for the interconnection of voice-mail store-and-forward units
F0472E.ZIP 64KB 08/97 F.472 - Service and operational requirements of the voice-mail store-and-forward service
F0500E.ZIP 76KB 08/92 F.500 - International public directory services
F0510E.ZIP 124KB 12/97 F.510 - Automated directory assistance White pages service definition
F0551E.ZIP 25KB 03/93 F.551 - Service Recommendation for the telematic file transfer within telefax 3, telefax 4, teletex services and message handling services
F0581E.ZIP 35KB 03/93 F.581 - Guidelines for programming communication interfaces (PCIs) definition: service Recommendation
F0600E.ZIP 28KB 02/95 F.600 - Service and operational principles for public data transmission services
F0700E.ZIP 161KB 07/96 F.700 - Framework Recommendation for audiovisual/multimedia services
F0701E.ZIP 48KB X F0701 - Title not available.
F0702E.ZIP 170KB 07/96 F.702 - Multimedia conference services
F0710E.ZIP 74KB X F0710 - Title not available.
F0711E.ZIP 39KB X F0711 - Title not available.
F0720E.ZIP 50KB 08/92 F.720 - Videotelephony services General
F0721E.ZIP 40KB 08/92 F.721 - Videotelephony teleservice for ISDN
F0723E.ZIP 32KB 07/96 F.723 - Videophone service in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
F0730E.ZIP 46KB X F0730 - Title not available.
F0731E.ZIP 29KB 07/97 F.731 - Multimedia Conference Services in the ISDN
F0732E.ZIP 141KB 10/96 F.732 - Multimedia conference services in the B-ISDN
F0740E.ZIP 41KB 08/93 F.740 - Audiovisual interactive services
F0761E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 F.761 - Service oriented requirements for telewriting applications
F0811E.ZIP 49KB 07/96 F.811 - Broadband connection-oriented bearer service
F0812E.ZIP 40KB 08/92 F.812 - Broadband connectionless data bearer service
F0813E.ZIP 59KB 02/95 F.813 - Virtual path service for reserved and permanent communications
F0850E.ZIP 22KB 03/93 F.850 - Principles of universal personal telecommunication (UPT)
F0851E.ZIP 51KB 02/95 F.851 - Universal Personal Telecommunication (UPT) Service description (service set 1)
F0901E.ZIP 26KB 03/93 F.901 - Usability evaluation of telecommunication services
F0902E.ZIP 30KB 02/95 F.902 - Interactive services design guidelines
F0910E.ZIP 55KB 02/95 F.910 - Procedures for designing, evaluating and selecting symbols, pictograms and icons.

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