Index of ITU-T Recommendations on CD-ROM

December 1998 - Published English edition

Series H - Audiovisual and multimedia systems

File Size Date Recommendation title
H0013E.ZIP 2KB X H0013 - Title not available.
H0016E.ZIP 92KB X H0016 - Title not available.
H0032E.ZIP 2KB X H0032 - Title not available.
H0043E.ZIP 2KB X H0043 - Title not available.
H0051E.ZIP 2KB X H0051 - Title not available.
H0100E.ZIP 130KB 11/88 H.100 - Visual telephone systems
H0110E.ZIP 152KB 11/88 H.110 - Hypothetical reference connections for videoconferencing using primary digital group transmission
H0120E.ZIP 294KB 03/93 H.120 - Codecs for videoconferencing using primary digital group transmission
H0130E.ZIP 146KB 11/88 H.130 - Frame structures for use in the international interconnection of digital codecs for videoconferencing or visual telephony
H0140E.ZIP 47KB 11/88 H.140 - A multipoint international videoconference system
H0200E.ZIP 25KB 03/93 H.200 - Framework for Recommendations for audiovisual services
H0221E.ZIP 96KB 07/97 H.221 - Frame structure for a 64 to 1920 kbit/s channel in audiovisual teleservices
H0222_0E.ZIP 250KB 11/96 H.222.0 - Amendments 1 and 2
H0222_1E.ZIP 45KB 03/96 H.222.1 - Multimedia multiplex and synchronization for audiovisual communication in ATM environments
H0223E.ZIP 58KB 03/96 H.223 - Multiplexing protocol for low bit rate multimedia communication
H0223naE.ZIP 27KB 02/98 H.223 Annex A - Multiplexing protocol for low bit rate multimedia mobile communication over low error-prone channels
H0223nbE.ZIP 34KB 02/98 H.223 Annex B - Multiplexing protocol for low bit rate multimedia mobile communication over moderate error-prone channels
H0223ncE.ZIP 166KB 02/98 H.223 Annex C - Multiplexing protocol for low bit rate multimedia mobile communication over highly error-phone channels
H0224E.ZIP 50KB 11/94 H.224 - A real time control protocol for simplex applications using the H.221 LSD/HSD/MLP channels
H0225_0E.ZIP 298KB 02/98 H.225.0 - Call signalling protocols and media stream packetization for packet based multimedia communication systems
H0230E.ZIP 55KB 07/97 H.230 - Frame-synchronous control and indication signals for audiovisual systems
H0231E.ZIP 69KB 07/97 H.231 - Multipoint control units for audiovisual systems using digital channels up to 1920 kbit/s
H0233E.ZIP 70KB 07/95 H.233 - Confidentiality system for audiovisual services
H0234E.ZIP 57KB 11/94 H.234 - Encryption key management and authentication system for audiovisual services
H0235E.ZIP 170KB 02/98 H.235 - Security and encryption for H-Series (H.323 and other H.245-based) multimedia terminals
H0242E.ZIP 142KB 07/97 H.242 - System for establishing communication between audiovisual terminals using digital channels up to 2áMbit/s
H0243E.ZIP 93KB 07/97 H.243 - Procedures for establishing communication between three or more audiovisual terminals using digital channels up to 1920ákbit/s
H0244E.ZIP 99KB 07/95 H.244 - Synchronized aggregation of multiple 64 or 56 kbit/s channels
H0245E.ZIP 1'383KB 02/98 H.245 - Control protocol for multimedia communication
H0246E.ZIP 50KB 02/98 H.246 - Interworking of H-Series multimedia terminals with H-Series multimedia terminals and voice/voiceband terminals on GSTN and ISDN
H0261E.ZIP 129KB 03/93 H.261 - Video codec for audiovisual services at páxá64 kbit/s
H0262c1E.ZIP 32KB 11/96 H.262 Cor 1 - Technical Corrigendum 1
H0262c2E.ZIP 37KB 11/96 H.262 Cor 2 - Technical Corrigendum 2
H0262E.ZIP 515KB 07/95 H.262 - Information technology ľ Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Video
H0262m1E.ZIP 39KB 11/96 H.262 Amd 1 - Registration of Copyright Identifiers
H0262m2E.ZIP 51KB 11/96 H.262 Amd 2 - 4:2:2 Profile
H0263E.ZIP 147KB 02/98 H.263 - Video coding for low bit rate communication
H0263p1E.ZIP 30KB X H0263p1 - Title not available.
H0281E.ZIP 30KB 11/94 H.281 - A far end camera control protocol for videoconferences using H.224
H0310c1E.ZIP 40KB 02/98 H.310 Cor 1 - Title not available.
H0310E.ZIP 87KB 11/96 H.310 - Broadband audiovisual communication systems and terminals
H0320E.ZIP 79KB 07/97 H.320 - Narrow-band visual telephone systems and terminal equipment
H0321E.ZIP 88KB 02/98 H.321 - Adaptation of H.320 visual telephone terminals to B-ISDN environments
H0322E.ZIP 38KB 03/96 H.322 - Visual telephone systems and terminal equipment for local area networks which provide a guaranteed quality of service
H0323E.ZIP 229KB 02/98 H.323 - Packet based multimedia communications systems
H0324E.ZIP 112KB 02/98 H.324 - Terminal for low bit-rate multimedia communication
H0331E.ZIP 36KB 03/93 H.331 - Broadcasting type audiovisual multipoint systems and terminal equipment
H0450_1E.ZIP 43KB 02/98 H.450.1 - Generic functional protocol for the support of supplementary services ináH.323
H0450_2E.ZIP 137KB 02/98 H.450.2 - Call transfer supplementary service foráH.323
H0450_3E.ZIP 150KB 02/98 H.450.3 - Call diversion supplementary service foráH.323
H2220m1E.ZIP 41KB X H2220m1 - Title not available.

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