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December 1998 - Published English edition

Series O - Specifications of measuring equipment

File Size Date Recommendation title
O0001E.ZIP 108KB 05/96 O.1 - Scope and application of measurement equipment specifications covered in the O-Series Recommendations
O0003E.ZIP 71KB 10/92 O.3 - Climatic conditions and relevant tests for measuring equipment
O0006E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 O.6 - 1020 Hz reference test frequency
O0009E.ZIP 193KB 11/88 O.9 - Measuring arrangements to assess the degree of unbalance about earth
O0011E.ZIP 48KB 10/92 O.11 - Maintenance access lines
O0022E.ZIP 141KB 10/92 O.22 - CCITT automatic transmission measuring and signalling testing equipment ATME No. 2
O0027E.ZIP 44KB 11/88 O.27 - In-station echo canceller test equipment
O0033E.ZIP 33KB 07/95 O.33 - Automatic equipment for rapidly measuring stereophonic pairs and monophonic sound-programme circuits, links and connections
O0041E.ZIP 48KB 10/94 O.41 - Psophometer for use on telephone-type circuits
O0042E.ZIP 25KB 10/84 O.42 - Equipment to measure non-linear distortion using the 4-tone intermodulation method
O0061E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 O.61 - Simple equipment to measure interruptions on telephone-type circuits
O0062E.ZIP 38KB 11/88 O.62 - Sophisticated equipment to measure interruptions on telephone-type circuits
O0071E.ZIP 23KB 11/88 O.71 - Impulsive noise measuring equipment for telephone-type circuits
O0072E.ZIP 2KB 10/84 O.72 - Characteristics of an impulsive noise measuring instrument for wideband data transmissions
O0081E.ZIP 124KB 12/72 O.81 - Group-delay measuring equipment for telephone-type circuits
O0082E.ZIP 116KB 12/72 O.82 - Group-delay measuring equipment for the range 5 to 600 kHz
O0091E.ZIP 24KB 11/88 O.91 - Phase jitter measuring equipment for telephone-type circuits
O0095E.ZIP 23KB 11/80 O.95 - Phase and amplitude hit counters for telephone-type circuits
O0111E.ZIP 139KB 11/88 O.111 - Frequency shift measuring equipment for use on carrier channels
O0131E.ZIP 126KB 11/88 O.131 - Quantizing distortion measuring equipment using a pseudo-random noise test signal
O0132E.ZIP 22KB 11/88 O.132 - Quantizing distortion measuring equipment using a sinusoidal test signal
O0133E.ZIP 122KB 03/93 O.133 - Equipment for measuring the performance of PCM encoders and decoders
O0150E.ZIP 42KB 05/96 O.150 - General requirements for instrumentation for performance measurements on digital transmission equipment
O0151E.ZIP 46KB 10/92 O.151 - Error performance measuring equipment operating at the primary rate and above
O0152E.ZIP 46KB 10/92 O.152 - Error performance measuring equipment for bit rates of 64kbit/s and Nx64kbit/s
O0153E.ZIP 47KB 10/92 O.153 - Basic parameters for the measurement of error performance at bit rates below the primary rate
O0161E.ZIP 23KB 10/84 O.161 - In-service code violation monitors for digital systems
O0162E.ZIP 49KB 10/92 O.162 - Equipment to perform in-service monitoring on 2048, 8448, 34 368 and 139 264 kbit/s signals
O0163E.ZIP 24KB 11/88 O.163 - Equipment to perform in-service monitoring on 1544 kbit/s signals
O0171E.ZIP 141KB 04/97 O.171 - Timing jitter and wander measuring equipment for digital systems which are based on the plesiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH)
O0181E.ZIP 81KB 05/96 O.181 - Equipment to assess error performance on STM-N interfaces
O0191d1E.ZIP 95KB 10/97 O.191 Addendum 1 - Annex D Measurement of error and availability parameters in the Out-of-Service Mode
O0191E.ZIP 220KB 04/97 O.191 - Equipment to assess ATM layer cell transfer performance

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