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December 1998 - Published English edition

Series P - Telephone transmission quality, telephone installations, local line networks

File Size Date Recommendation title
P-s11E.ZIP 36KB 12/94 P.Sup11 - Some effects of sidetone
P-s20E.ZIP 88KB 03/93 P.Sup20 - Examples of measurements of handset receive-frequency responses: dependence on earcap leakage losses
P-s22E.ZIP 32KB X P-s22 - Title not available.
P0010E.ZIP 45KB 03/93 P.10 - Vocabulary of terms on telephone transmission quality and telephone sets
P0011E.ZIP 181KB 03/93 P.11 - Effect of transmission impairments
P0016E.ZIP 101KB 11/88 P.16 - Subjective effects of direct crosstalk; thresholds of audibility and intelligibility
P0030E.ZIP 32KB 11/88 P.30 - Transmission performance of group audio terminals (GATs)
P0032E.ZIP 60KB 11/88 P.32 - Evaluation of the efficiency of telephone booths and acoustic hoods
P0034E.ZIP 2KB X P0034 - Title not available.
P0035E.ZIP 56KB 11/88 P.35 - Handset telephones
P0036E.ZIP 25KB 11/88 P.36 - Efficiency of devices for preventing the occurrence of excessive acoustic pressure by telephone receivers
P0038E.ZIP 22KB 03/93 P.38 - Transmission characteristics of operator telephone systems (OTS)
P0048E.ZIP 74KB 11/88 P.48 - Specification for an intermediate reference system
P0050E.ZIP 75KB 03/93 P.50 - Artificial voices
P0051E.ZIP 35KB 08/96 P.51 - Artificial mouth
P0052E.ZIP 22KB 03/93 P.52 - Volume meters
P0053E.ZIP 2KB 10/94 P.53 - Psophometer for use on telephone-type circuits
P0054E.ZIP 20KB 12/72 P.54 - Sound level meters (apparatus for the objective measurement of room noise)
P0055E.ZIP 20KB 10/68 P.55 - Apparatus for the measurement of impulsive noise
P0056E.ZIP 44KB 03/93 P.56 - Objective measurement of active speech level
P0057E.ZIP 319KB 08/96 P.57 - Artificial ears
P0058E.ZIP 199KB 08/96 P.58 - Head and torso simulator for telephonometry
P0059E.ZIP 37KB 03/93 P.59 - Artificial conversational speech
P0061E.ZIP 21KB 10/84 P.61 - Methods for the calibration of condenser microphones
P0062E.ZIP 23KB 03/93 P.62 - Measurements on subscribers' telephone equipment
P0064E.ZIP 198KB 04/97 P.64 - Determination of sensitivity/frequency characteristics of local telephone systems
P0065E.ZIP 35KB 03/93 P.65 - Objective instrumentation for the determination of loudness ratings
P0075E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 P.75 - Standard conditioning method for handsets with carbon microphones
P0076E.ZIP 126KB 11/88 P.76 - Determination of loudness ratings; fundamental principles
P0078E.ZIP 103KB 02/96 P.78 - Subjective testing method for determination of loudness ratings in accordance with Recommendation P.76
P0079E.ZIP 247KB 03/93 P.79 - Calculation of loudness ratings for telephone sets
P0082E.ZIP 43KB 10/84 P.82 - Method for evaluation of service from the standpoint of speech transmission quality
P0084E.ZIP 67KB 03/93 P.84 - Subjective listening test method for evaluating digital circuit multiplication and packetized voice systems
P0085E.ZIP 34KB 06/94 P.85 - A method for subjective performance assessment of the quality of speech voice output devices
P0310E.ZIP 108KB 02/96 P.310 - Transmission characteristics for telephone band (300-3400 Hz) digital telephones
P0311E.ZIP 38KB 02/98 P.311 - Transmission characteristics for wideband (150-7000 Hz) digital handset telephones
P0340E.ZIP 82KB 08/96 P.340 - Transmission characteristics of hands-free telephones
P0341E.ZIP 52KB 02/98 P.341 - Transmission characteristics for wideband (150-7000 Hz) digital hands-free telephony terminals
P0342E.ZIP 104KB 08/96 P.342 - Transmission characteristics for telephone band (300 - 3400 Hz) digital loudspeaking and hands-free telephony terminals
P0370E.ZIP 93KB 08/96 P.370 - Coupling Hearing Aids to Telephone sets
P0501E.ZIP 246KB 08/96 P.501 - Test signals for use in telephonometry
P0561E.ZIP 99KB 02/96 P.561 - In-service non-intrusive measurement device – Voice service measurements
P0800E.ZIP 84KB 08/96 P.800 - Methods for subjective determination of transmission quality
P0810E.ZIP 64KB 02/96 P.810 - Modulated noise reference unit (MNRU)
P0830E.ZIP 66KB 02/96 P.830 - Subjective performance assessment of telephone-band and wideband digital codecs
P0861E.ZIP 192KB 02/98 P.861 - Objective quality measurement of telephone-band (300-3400 Hz) speech codecs
P0910E.ZIP 118KB 08/96 P.910 - Subjective video quality assesment methods for multimedia applications
P0920E.ZIP 33KB 08/96 P.920 - Interactive test methods for audiovisual communications
P0930E.ZIP 153KB 08/96 P.930 - Principles of a reference impairment system for video

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