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December 1998 - Published English edition

Series S - Telegraph services terminal equipment

File Size Date Recommendation title
S0001E.ZIP 27KB 03/93 S.1 - International Telegraph Alphabet No. 2
S0002E.ZIP 72KB 11/88 S.2 - Coding scheme using International Telegraph Alphabet No. 2 (ITA2) to allow the transmission of capital and small letters
S0003E.ZIP 23KB 11/88 S.3 - Transmission characteristics of the local end with its termination (ITA2)
S0004E.ZIP 24KB 03/93 S.4 - Special use of certain characters of the International Telegraph Alphabet No. 2
S0005E.ZIP 21KB 11/80 S.5 - Standardization of page-printing start-stop equipment and cooperation between page-printing and tape-printing start-stop equipment (ITA2)
S0006E.ZIP 22KB 10/84 S.6 - Characteristics of answerback units (ITA2)
S0007E.ZIP 21KB 10/76 S.7 - Control of teleprinter motors
S0008E.ZIP 21KB 03/93 S.8 - Intercontinental standardization of the modulation rate of start-stop apparatus and of the use of combination No. 4 in figure-shift
S0009E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 S.9 - Switching equipment of start-stop apparatus
S0010E.ZIP 21KB 12/72 S.10 - Transmission at reduced character transfer rate over a standardized 50-baud telegraph channel
S0011E.ZIP 21KB 11/80 S.11 - Use of start-stop reperforating equipment for perforated tape retransmission
S0012E.ZIP 46KB 11/80 S.12 - Conditions that must be satisfied by synchronous systems operating in connection with standard 50-baud teleprinter circuits
S0013E.ZIP 113KB 12/72 S.13 - Use on radio circuits of 7-unit synchronous systems giving error correction by automatic repetition
S0014E.ZIP 21KB 12/60 S.14 - Suppression of unwanted reception in radiotelegraph multi-destination teleprinter systems
S0015E.ZIP 25KB 10/68 S.15 - Use of the telex network for data transmission at 50 bauds
S0016E.ZIP 75KB 03/93 S.16 - Connection to the telex network of an automatic terminal using a V.24 DCE/DTE interface
S0017E.ZIP 21KB 10/68 S.17 - Answer-back unit simulators
S0018E.ZIP 97KB 11/80 S.18 - Conversion between International Telegraph Alphabet No. 2 and International Alphabet No. 5
S0019E.ZIP 59KB 11/80 S.19 - Calling and answering in the telex network with automatic terminal equipment
S0020E.ZIP 22KB 03/93 S.20 - Automatic clearing procedure for a telex terminal
S0021E.ZIP 22KB 03/93 S.21 - Use of display screens in telex machines
S0022E.ZIP 22KB 03/93 S.22 - "Conversation impossible" and or pre-recorded message in response to J/BELL signals from a telex terminal
S0023E.ZIP 22KB 03/93 S.23 - Automatic request of the answerback of the terminal of the calling party, by the telex terminal of the called party or by the international network
S0030E.ZIP 21KB 10/76 S.30 - Standardization of basic model page-printing machine using International Alphabet No. 5
S0031E.ZIP 22KB 10/76 S.31 - Transmission characteristics for start-stop data terminal equipment using International Alphabet No. 5
S0032E.ZIP 21KB 10/76 S.32 - Answer-back units for 200- and 300-baud start-stop machines in accordance with Recommendation S.30
S0033E.ZIP 26KB 03/93 S.33 - Alphabets and presentation characteristics for the intex service
S0034E.ZIP 22KB 03/93 S.34 - Intex terminals Requirements to effect interworking with the international telex service
S0035E.ZIP 22KB 03/93 S.35 - Answerback coding for the Intex service
S0036E.ZIP 22KB 07/96 S.36 - INTEX and similar services Terminal requirements to effect interworking between terminals operating at different speeds
S0140E.ZIP 29KB 11/88 S.140 - Definitions of essential technical terms relating to apparatus for alphabetic telegraphy

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