Index of ITU-T Recommendations on CD-ROM

December 1998 - Published English edition

Series Z - Programming languages

File Size Date Recommendation title
Z0100d1E.ZIP 63KB 10/96 Z.100 Addendum 1 - Corrections to Recommendation Z.100, CCITT Specification and Description Language (SDL)
Z0100E.ZIP 405KB 05/97 Z.100 - SDL+ methodology: Use of MSC and SDL (with ASN.1)
Z0100ncE.ZIP 57KB 03/93 Z.100 Annex C - Initial algebra model
Z0100p1E.ZIP 1'170KB 03/93 Z.100 Appendix 1 - SDL methodology guidelines
Z0100s1E.ZIP 243KB X Z0100s1 - Title not available.
Z0105E.ZIP 156KB 03/95 Z.105 - SDL combined with ASN.1 (SDL/ASN.1)
Z0106E.ZIP 127KB 10/96 Z.106 - Common interchange format for SDL
Z0110E.ZIP 29KB 10/96 Z.110 - Criteria for use of formal description techniques by ITU-T
Z0120E.ZIP 347KB 10/96 Z.120 - Message Sequence Chart (MSC)
Z0200E.ZIP 500KB 10/96 Z.200 - CCITT high level language (CHILL)
Z0301E.ZIP 49KB 11/88 Z.301 - Introduction to the CCITT man-machine language
Z0302E.ZIP 31KB 11/88 Z.302 - The meta-language for describing MML syntax and dialogue procedures
Z0311E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 Z.311 - Introduction to syntax and dialogue procedures
Z0312E.ZIP 20KB 11/88 Z.312 - Basic format layout
Z0314E.ZIP 99KB 11/88 Z.314 - The character set and basic elements
Z0315E.ZIP 98KB 11/88 Z.315 - Input (command) language syntax specification
Z0316E.ZIP 139KB 11/88 Z.316 - Output language syntax specification
Z0317E.ZIP 340KB 11/88 Z.317 - Man-machine dialogue procedures
Z0321E.ZIP 21KB 11/88 Z.321 - Introduction to the extended MML for visual display terminals
Z0322E.ZIP 55KB 11/88 Z.322 - Capabilities of visual display terminals
Z0323E.ZIP 268KB 11/88 Z.323 - Man-machine interaction
Z0331E.ZIP 47KB 11/88 Z.331 - Introduction to the specification of the man-machine interface
Z0332E.ZIP 93KB 11/88 Z.332 - Methodology for the specification of the man-machine interface General working procedure
Z0333E.ZIP 143KB 11/88 Z.333 - Methodology for the specification of the man-machine interface Tools and methods
Z0334E.ZIP 464KB 11/88 Z.334 - Subscriber administration
Z0335E.ZIP 269KB 11/88 Z.335 - Routing administration
Z0336E.ZIP 760KB 11/88 Z.336 - Traffic measurement administration
Z0337E.ZIP 357KB 11/88 Z.337 - Network management administration
Z0341E.ZIP 65KB 11/88 Z.341 - Glossary of terms
Z0351E.ZIP 28KB 03/93 Z.351 - Data oriented human-machine interface specification technique Introduction
Z0352E.ZIP 75KB 03/93 Z.352 - Data oriented human-machine interface specification technique Scope, approach and reference model
Z0360E.ZIP 107KB 05/97 Z.360 - Graphic GDMO: A graphic notation for the Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects
Z0400E.ZIP 26KB 03/93 Z.400 - Structure and format of quality manuals for telecommunications software
Z0500E.ZIP 137KB 05/97 Z.500 - Framework on formal methods in conformance testing
Z100nf1E.ZIP 77KB 03/93 Z.100 Annex F1 - SDL formal definition: Introduction

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